Q & A with Beasts of the Southern Wild Producer Josh Penn

Producer Josh Penn explains the use of food sysmbolism in his film, Beasts of the Southern Wild


It doesn’t have its own category on the awards circuit, but food often plays a prominent role in the layers of a film. We talked with Josh Penn, a producer of the 2013 Oscar-nominated indie film Beasts of the Southern Wild, to learn more about how food can be a defining instrument on the silver screen.




JBF: Food is often woven throughout the stories we see on the screen. Why do you think it’s such a successful symbolic device in film?


Josh Penn: Food carries a lot of cultural and societal indications; it’s at the forefront of most cultures, in general, so you can demonstrate a lot about people and their backgrounds by showing what they eat and how they eat it. It can mark an individual’s place in society, socioeconomic status, and... Read more >

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