JBF on the Air: Liz Neumark

Liz Neumark on Taste Matters with Mitchell Davis


On the first Taste Matters episode of 2014, JBF’s Mitchell Davis talked with CEO and author Liz Neumark of catering company Great Performances and the year-round, organic Katchkie Farm. With its commitment to innovative cuisine and sourcing local ingredients, Great Performances is one of the most popular catering companies in New York City. The pair discussed the challenges of using seasonal ingredients with planned catering menus, the importance of cooking skills for young people, how thoughtful food preparation can eliminate diet-related disease, and crucial labor issues in the food industry. Click here to listen to the full episode. ... Read more >

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JBF LTD Opens Today!

JBF LTD After weeks of planning (and, admittedly, a little flying by the seat of our pants), JBF LTD is opening its doors! The gorgeous space will be open every day (except Mondays) from 11:00 to 4:00, with café-style lunch prepared and sold by Great Performances. Each day will also include delicious daytime programming starting at 2:30. Katherine Alford, vice president of the test kitchens at Food Network and Cooking Channel, is our first afternoon guest (you can see the full schedule of daytime programming here), while Laurent Gras will kick off our series of nightly dinners. (Read our interview with the Michelin three-star chef

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