Eye Candy: Escargot with Garlic–Herbsaint Cream

Finished with a garlic and Herbsaint–flavored cream (the latter is a brand of anise liquor that was originally produced in New Orleans as an absinthe substitute), these escargot were a true taste of Crescent City cuisine. Brian Landry, who helms the century-old Galatoire's, served them during the reception that preceded his Beard House dinner. Click here to view more photos of chef Landry's dinner.

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What's in a Name: JBF Award Winner Donald Link's Herbsaint

Herbsaint is a brandname of anise-flavored liquor. The spirit’s creators, J.M. Legendre and Reginald Parker, were veterans of absinthe making, having learned the art while stationed in France during World War I.

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