Eye Candy: 2010 JBF Awards

Alton Brown, JBF president Susan Ungaro, Lidia Bastianich, and Ted Allen pose for a photo on the red carpet before the 2010 JBF Awards ceremony. Click here to see more images from the big night.

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Marcia "The Tablehopper" Gagliardi: Signing Off

And I’m off to Eleven, with the charming Melissa Perello (Frances). It’s been an honor to be here in New York, surrounded with such friendly, talented, gracious people. What a wonderful industry. Thanks for having me! Cheers and congrats to all--whether there is a medal around your neck, or not--because the food you create, the drinks you pour, the spaces where you host us, and the hours you work are so appreciated by all! Ciao!!

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Apron Anxiety: The Highs and Lows of Living with a Chef

Heather Sperling, Grant Achatz's girlfriend, commiserates with me on best and worst parts of dating a chef: "The worst part  is how completely screwed your sleep schedule  is....the best is how wonderful and random our home fridge is. The secret to the sleep thing is the midnight to 1:30 A.M. disco nap. He comes home at 2 A.M. Late night snacks we are good at. I heat up the Japanese rice cooker and he brings home fresh fish."

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Marcia "The Tablehopper" Gagliardi: Last Bites

Basil Tofu with Uni and Uma Dashi Sauce, Isao Yamada, Upstairs at Bouley

Sam Mason's Bone Marrow Flan with Onion Marmalade on Brioche Toast I am no longer hungry. In fact, quite sated.

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Marcia "The Tablehopper" Gagliardi: Reservoir Dogs

Team flour + water from SF.

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Marcia "The Tablehopper" Gagliardi: Duck Pastrami

You know you want this, too. (Especially with pickled rhubarb, golden raisins, and on a pretzel wafer. Hell yes.)

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Marcia "The Tablehopper" Gagliardi: Bacon Soup

You know you want it.

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