Our Favorite Dishes of 2011

Another year gone by, another flurry of meals and plates licked clean. As all food lovers can attest, it’s not easy to single out a mere handful of dishes to top our year-end list of favorites, especially after a year that brought us plenty of promising chefs, gutsy cooking, and delicious food. With that in mind, here’s a look back at what we loved in 2011. Our tummies are already growling for next year.


polenta with marinara

Polenta with Marinara (Modernist Cuisine)
When we saw Nathan Myhrvold speak at ICE, we also got to sample dishes from his team’s kitchen laboratory. Our favorite: a bowl of homey grits that had been cooked at... Read more >

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Megan & MHT: Jamie Bissonnette on Tripe

Jamie Bissonnette Jamie Bissonnette is helping out Boston chef Ken Oringer with his dish, white curry with galangal and crunchy garlic. What's the secret to tripe? "You have to cook the shit out of it. If you get tripe from some old grandmother it's probably great, but these young people don't cook it enough," says Bissonnette. white curry tripe

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Ask a Chef: Ken Oringer

Ken Oringer When he's taking a break from the demands of overseeing myriad Beantown properties, Ken Oringer likes to sneak in meals at his favorite Boston restaurants. He has one for every occasion—check out the list here.

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