Megan & MHT: Pok Pok

Sweet and savory steamed Thai rice cakes in three flavors: cantaloupe, banana with durian, and pumpkin with shallots. We asked his team how they tame smelly durian fruit. "Enough banana and sugar is all it takes," they said.

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Megan & MHT: Tom Douglas

Nominee Tom Douglas and his wife prepared for the evening with a strenuous day of sandwich eating around town. The morning started with an egg sandwich near their hotel followed by what they're sure was the entire menu at Prune. Just a hop across Houston provided a bagel with lox at Russ & Daughters (a favorite amongst the chefs walking the carpet). Next came a pastrami sandwich down the way at Katz's. Enough? Not quite. Last stop, a porchetta sandwich at Sara Jenkins's Porchetta with crispy potatoes, the memory of which brought a big ol' grin to Douglas's face. Fortifying.

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