Field Trip: Winehaven at Outside Lands

The Winehaven tent at Outside Lands is going to be packed with some of California's best winemakers, all serving their favorite blends and vintages. To familiarize ourselves with what's to come we took some time to interview a few of these talented vintners. First up, Morgan Twain-Peterson from Bedrock Wine Co. He may only be 28, but Morgan has been making wine for more than 20 years. He grew up among the vines at Ravenswood, his father's winery,  and it proved to be an excellent classroom. Morgan began making small lots of Pinot Noir at the age of five. Vino Bambino Pinot Noir, as the wine came to be known, was made from 1986 to 2001 and has been featured on the wine lists of Craft, Gramercy Tavern, and Blue Hill as well as other fine-dining establishments. At Bedrock, he is intimately involved in every stage of producing his small lot, heirloom wines. We asked Morgan about making wine in California, the

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