The Bookshelf: Harvest to Heat

Harvest to HeatWith more and more chefs taking up the mantle of the locavore movement, we rarely find ourselves sitting down to a menu that doesn’t recognize the sources of its ingredients. These small-print acknowledgements often leave us wondering about the individuals who are responsible for getting those products from farm to table. Thankfully, a new cookbook called Harvest to Heat puts artisans and farmers front and center. Its recipes are not only attributed to the chefs who cook them, but also to the small-scale craftsmen who grow, raise, or craft the essential ingredients; every dish illustrates a mutual respect and collaboration between producer and chef. Authors Darryl Estrine and Kelly Kochendorfer have also included captivating profiles on these behind-the-scenes craftsmen, many of whom work tirelessly to advance local- and national-scale causes when they aren’t doting on their products. Dave Hoyle of Creative Growers in Nori, Oregon, has introduced Naomi

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JBF News: Just a Few More Days to Bid Online

white trufflesOur online auction officially closes at 4:00 P.M. on Monday, November 9, which means you still have a few more days to bid on spectacular gourmet, travel, and gift packages! And we're still adding new offerings, including a trip to the annual Oregon Truffle Festival in Eugene. The winning bidder will get a coveted seat at the decadent Grand Truffle Dinner prepared by beloved local chefs Stephanie Pearl-Kimmel and Rocky Maselli, as well as Gabriel Rucker, Naomi Pomeroy and other feisty Portland newcomers. After feasting on your fill of this buried treasure, you'll spend the night at the C'est la Vie Inn, a beautiful bed and breakfast housed in an impeccably restored Queen Anne Victorian mansion. To learn more about the package and make your bid, click

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