Recipe: Chilled English Pea Soup with Fava Bean–Almond Salsa

Chilled English Pea Soup with Fava Bean–Almond Salsa By the time April rolls around, nothing excites us more than the color green on our plates. The spring-signaling hue is in ample supply in this refreshing English pea soup, sent to us by the team at Peels in New York City. A Fresno chile–spiked salsa of favas and almonds adds some kick to the sweet and creamy base. Get the recipe here.

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Recipe: Shuna Lydon's Rose Petal–Vanilla Bean Shortbread

Shuna Lydon's rose petal–vanilla bean shortbreadThese rose petal–flecked cookies have a wonderful crumbly texture and a delicate sweet, floral flavor. Chef Shuna Lydon says, “Shortbread keeps for two weeks in a tightly sealed container lined with parchment paper, at room temperature. But I prefer to eat mine fresh from the oven, warm, with strong black milky tea.”

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