The Big Names Arrive on the Red Carpet

What do the country's best chefs eat for breakfast on the biggest day of the year? Snack blogger Jennifer Leuzzi finds out on the red carpet at Avery Fisher Hall before the 2009 James Beard Foundation Awards.

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Snack: Gastroteca

If you happen to run into chef Jody Williams tonight (she's a part of the live blogging posse) and you feel inclined to talk about her lovely place Gottino, what ever you do, do not call it a wine bar, even if you say it is the bestest most charming wine bar in the universe, you will be rebuffed. It is a gastroteca. Someone please alert Websters.

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Snack: In the press room with Aldo Sohm

Enjoying a glass of champagne after winning outstanding wine service. He said he couldn't hear what was announced and missed hearing his name. Happily Eric Ripert who was sitting next to him did, and elbowed him to go up on stage. Congratulations a tous au Bernardin. I believe this win completes their set of beard awards. photo2

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Snack: The reception doesn't start for hours

But they've been setting up since this afternoon.

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Snack: The press room gets more crowded every year

  Which is a good thing as it means there's more and more interest. I think we need a bigger room and more cocktail sponsors! photo

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