Giveaway: illy Coffee Trivia Winner

We know you've all been shaking with caffeinated anticipation for the announcement of our first illy coffee trivia winner, so, without further ado, the lucky commenter is Chef Martin! He correctly guessed that Finland consumes the most coffee per capita out of all the European countries. (The average Finn downs 3–4 cups of java a day, usually sans milk and sugar—that’s hardcore!) Chef Martin, you will receive a copy of From Coffee to Espresso by Riccardo Illy and Francesco Illy. Our illy coffee trivia series will continue the week of May 24, so come back for another fix from Master Barista Giorgio Milos!

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Giveaway: Know Your Coffee?

Italy takes its coffee seriously—so seriously, in fact, that the country has its very own Università del Caffè.  The coffee-centric educational mecca was founded by illy in Trieste and they have since opened nine international locations, each dedicated to disseminating knowledge about the origins, harvest, and preparation of world-class coffee. This year illy’s Master Barista (and Università del Caffè professor) Giorgio Milos is on a mission to bring some serious coffee knowledge to America’s java hounds. Lucky for us, his itinerary includes monthly stops at the Beard House where he chats with Beard on Books attendees and pours a mean espresso. For the next

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