On the Menu: NYC Dumpling Festival

Dumpling t-shirt Ready your forks and chopsticks: the New York City Dumpling Festival is rolling into the Lower East Side this Saturday for a celebration of stuffed and crimped dough. The day's program includes a dumpling eating competition (last year's winner gobbled 66 dumplings in two minutes) and games for little dumpling lovers. General admission is free, and a measly five dollars gets you a globe-spanning dumpling plate piled with potstickers, pierogi, and lesser-known ilk like the Malaysian kuih koci. Dumpling t-shirts (above) will also be available for $15, but we've got two to give away this afternoon. For a chance to win one of these special garments, tell us about your favorite dumpling joint in a comment. Simply declaring "I love dumplings!" is not an eligible response

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The Bookshelf: Betty Fussell

Raising SteaksTomorrow’s Beard on Books brings us Betty Fussell, a passionate carnivore who will discuss her new book, Raising Steaks: The Life and Times of American Beef. Fussell approaches this tough and proud American industry with an open mind, profiling the many men and women who help bring steaks from the ranch to our plates. She knows her cuts of beef, and that’s why we asked her to tell us her five favorites and how to prepare them. Rib-eye: Why? Because of all that marbling, otherwise known as fat. And because you can get it cut thick and on the bone. Thick means you can cook it crusty on the outside and rare within, and bone means flavor. Put on lots of salt and pepper, throw it on that hot grill or grill

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