Recipe Roundup: Thai

Recipe for Hawaiian Hearts of Palm Pad Thai, adapted by the James Beard Foundation


Skip the takeout tonight and try this eclectic menu of reinterpreted Thai classics.


Hawaiian Hearts of Palm Pad Thai

Swap out rice noodles for finely sliced hearts of palm in this inventive take on the iconic Thai dish.


Mussels with Thai Seasonings

A squeeze of lime juice, a sprinkling of brown sugar, and a splash of fish sauce lend Southeast Asian flavors to this aromatic bowl of mussels.


Thai Curry with Chicken and Fresh Noodles

Mexican chilies are an unlikely addition to Thai cuisine, but they add flavor and body to the... Read more >

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Recipe: Softshell Crab Summer Rolls

Recipe for Softshell Crab Summer Rolls, adapted by the James Beard Foundation


Summer is a season of limited-engagement foods. One of its most precious treats is the softshell crab, a blue crab that has abandoned its hard shell for a temporary, thin skin that's completely edible and full of flavor. Thankfully, it only takes a little work to savor these fleeting crustaceans: many cooks opt to simply batter, season, and fry their softshell crabs, a preparation that's equally delectable in a sandwich, on a salad, or by itself.


At Maritime Parc in Jersey City, chef Chris Siversen places softshell crab tempura inside Vietnamese summer rolls. Fresh herbs, shaved vegetables, and an addictive red curry mayo join the crabs inside the wrappers. If that's not enough to tempt you, just know that softshell crabs' days are numbered.

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Recipe Roundup: On the Grill

Grilled Hanger Steak with Peperonata


There's nothing like a smoky, grilled piece of meat or fish to remind us why we love summer. (A six-pack of ice-cold beer doesn't hurt either.) Here are some of the grilled dishes on our current must-cook list:


Grilled Salmon with Summer Salad
A salad of corn, tomatoes, and basil dressed with a Dijon vinaigrette transforms perfectly cooked salmon fillets.


Grilled Hanger Steak with Peperonata
Hanger steak only needs a brief sear on the grill, while the peperonata comes together in about 20 minutes.


Spicy Grilled Shrimp and Pancetta
Easy. Fast. Addictive.

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2013 Leadership Award Recipients Announced

The 2013 James Beard Foundation Leadership Award recipients


Today the James Beard Foundation unveils its 2013 crop of Leadership Award recipients. These individuals, whose work strives to create a more healthful, sustainable, and safe food world, will be honored on October 21 at the Hearst Tower in New York City. Read up on the recipients below, then read the full press release here.




Hal Hamilton

Founder and Co-Director, Sustainable Food Lab:

For supporting food companies, nonprofits, and farmers to demonstrate and scale sustainability in the global food supply.


Cynthia Hayes

Executive Director, Southeastern

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JBF on the Air: Joshua Skenes


On this week's episode of Taste Matters, host Mitchell Davis welcomed Joshua Skenes, executive chef and co-owner of San Francisco's Michelin-starred Saison. Skenes talked about his quest for finding inspiration in flavors and textures, his holistic approach to cooking, and how to tap into the origin of each ingredient in a dish. Known for his innovative culinary technique, Skenes has garnered widespread acclaim on a national level, and was named one of Food & Wine's Best New Chefs of 2011. Want to know more about Saison and the food scene in San Francisco? Listen below!


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On the Menu: Week of July 28

Upcoming events at the James Beard House


Here's what's on deck at the James Beard House:


Monday, July 29, 7:00 P.M.

Vegetable Dégustation

Named after the Sanskrit word for “flavors,” Rasika always overdelivers on taste, thanks largely to multiple Best Chef: Mid-Atlantic award nominee Vikram Sunderam, whose talents have led Washington Post critic Tom Sietsema to declare that “the best Indian restaurant in the country is in our backyard.”


Tuesday, July 30, 7:00 P.M.

Spanish Wine Lovers' Dinner

Manuel Berganza earned two Michelin stars as the chef of Restaurant Sergi Arola Gastro in Madrid and got a taste of the American culinary scene at Grant Achatz’s award-winning Alinea in Chicago before heading to New York City to open Andanada, where New Yorkers are... Read more >

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