Sustainability Matters: January 24, 2014


Quinoa may be falling out of fashion. Meet teff, the Ethiopian nutrient-rich "ancient grain" that's poised to take its place. [The Guardian]


More children are learning about agriculture, health, and nutrition as an increasing number of states pass Farm-to-School legislation. [Civil Eats]


Coca-Cola reconsiders the economic impact of climate change after closing plants due to drought and other supply chain disruptions, and other large companies follow suit. [NYT]


Plant "STDs" and honeybees: How the tobacco ringspot virus may be decimating bee populations. [Treehugger]


The Subway sandwich company is rolling out a new marketing campaign to promote fruits and vegetables to children. [Food Politics]


Before you take a sip: the FDA is reviewing data regarding high levels of a potential carcinogen in various popular brands of soda. [NPR]

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