Beard House Recipe: Arroz con Leche with Horchata, Cinnamon Tuile, and Sesame Seeds


Arroz con Leche with Horchata, Cinnamon Tuile, and Sesame Seeds / Vibrant Mexican


At his charming New Hampshire eatery, Vida Cantina, chef and owner David Vargas combines the flavors of his family’s Mexican heritage with masterful technique and local terroir. Vargas recently brought his lauded cuisine to the Beard House for a one-night-only tasting menu packed with vibrant bites, beverages, and New England–sourced ingredients. Course after course, guests were impressed with Vargas's rustic yet refined dishes, from... Read more >

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Recipe: Vietnamese Lemongrass–Chile Chicken from JBF Award–Nominated "A Bird in the Hand" Cookbook


Cookbook queen Diana Henry has created a legion of loyal readers with her series of reliable, accessible titles that transform the home kitchen into a vehicle for global exploration. With her ninth and most recent venture, A Bird in the Hand: Chicken Recipes for Every Day and Every Mood, Henry conquers the versatile protein with recipes that are seen on the dinner table in Vietnam, the U.K., Greece, and all around the globe. Nominated for our 2016 JBF Award for Best Cookbook: Single Subject, this ode to chicken demonstrates how and why the familiar fowl is enjoyed as a comfort food and eaten during celebrations across nations. With this easy-to-follow recipe for a quick chicken stir-fry, it's easy to see why Henry has such a dedicated following. Fragrant... Read more >

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Recipe: James Beard's Garlic Soup


Pungent garlic takes on a sweeter, more mellow disposition in this comforting, simple soup by the one and only Mr. James Beard. While the recipe calls for 30 cloves of the powerful allium, it softens into a creamy and aromatic version of its former self after simmering in a flavorful bath of chicken stock, fat, and spices. Egg yolks and fragrant olive oil are whisked in the final stage to give this inviting soup body and richness—and served in a big bowl along with some crusty bread, these basic pantry ingredients are transformed into a warming weeknight meal.


Get the recipe for James Beard's simple garlic soup.


Hungry for more? View our entire recipe collection.

 ... Read more >

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Beard House Recipe: Miniature Crab Tortas with Jalapeño Sour Cream and Micro-Opal Basil


Miniature Crab Tortas with Jalapeño Sour Cream / Italian Seafood Celebration


Impress guests at your next dinner party with these addictive little bites of crispy crab heaven! Recently served at the Beard House by New Jersey chef Ryan DePersio, these elegant canapés were barely able to leave the kitchen without being instantly devoured. Sweet, succulent crabmeat is gently folded with shallots, chives, tarragon, and other aromatics; dredged with a light coating of panko bread crumbs to achieve the perfect crust; deep-fried to perfection; and finished off with a dollop of spicy yet refreshing jalapeño sour cream. We asked DePersio... Read more >

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Recipe: Gnudi with Cavolo Nero Sauce


You'll want to plan a cozy night in to throw on an apron and make this company-worthy recipe for gnudi with a rich cavolo nero sauce. Crafted from a decadent combination of goat cheese, ricotta, and Pecorino, these pillowy cheese dumplings are finished with a deliciously earthy Tuscan kale and porcini mushroom sauce. Just make sure to prepare a big batch—this recipe will have you craving seconds (or even thirds!).




Hilary Deutsch is editorial assistant at the James Beard Foundation. Find her on Instagram.

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Recipe: Octopus alla Plancha with Burnt Pepperoni Vinaigrette

Photo by Stephanie Bourgeois


For many home cooks, octopus may seem like a luxury item best left to professional chefs willing to tackle the multi-tentacled delight. But the simple set-it-and-forget-it oven method in this recipe from Ohio chef Matthew Mytro erases any preconceived notion of unattainability by slowly braising the cephalopod in herbs and red wine, ultimately yielding the perfect tender texture. Mytro and his mentor Paul Minnillo of the lauded Flour Restaurant will serve their Octopus alla Plancha at the Beard House tonight as part of their dinner dedicated to “new-school” Italian cooking, but this elevated hors d’oeuvre deserves a spot at your next dinner party—you'll impress your guests firsts with your technical skills, and then with... Read more >

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Recipe: Maine Potatoes with Chorizo Vinaigrette


At his charming New Hampshire eatery, Vida Cantina, chef and owner David Vargas combines the flavors of his family’s Mexican heritage with masterful technique and locally grown ingredients. Vargas recently brought his lauded cuisine to the Beard House for a one-night-only tasting menu packed with vibrant bites and beverages. A favorite from the evening: his tender, perfectly seasoned Maine potatoes dressed with a smoky, salty chorizo vinaigrette. Get the recipe and join us in potato heaven.




... Read more >

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Recipe: Cornmeal-Fried Pickles


Known for his regional classics at New Orleans hot spot Purloo, Ryan Hughes recently traveled to New York to give Beard House diners a flavor-packed glimpse into his love affair with Lowcountry cuisine. One of our favorites: his utterly addictive fried pickles, which were taken to the next level with crispy cornmeal and fragrant crab boil seasoning, yielding a perfectly salty, sour fried treat. Get the recipe to give these a whirl at home.




Hilary Deutsch is editorial assistant... Read more >

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Recipes: Winter Roasting


Roasting is our go-to cooking method during the colder months. A hot oven, a generous pour of olive oil, and a sprinkling of salt is all you need to produce simple but spectacular dishes. But with a little bit of finesse, the technique can also yield sophisticated results, as in the following recipes:


Roasted Clams with Herb Jam and Chorizo Butter

Slices of crusty bread provide a bed for the clams in the roasting pan, and are perfect for sopping up the paprika-spiked chorizo butter.


Roasted Pineapple with Prosciutto

A welcome alternative to prosciutto-and-melon, this playful appetizer is made with a pineapple... Read more >

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Recipe Roundup: Comfort Food Favorites


After the excitement and bustle of the holiday season, January might feel like it can drag on forever—but that doesn't mean your recipes need to follow suit. This week, set aside your Redzepi-inspired creations and that 30-step recipe for Pierre Hermé macarons and make one of these simple, satisfying dishes instead.


Roast Chicken with Basil, Scallions, Lemon Butter, and Potatoes
It doesn't get much better than a butter-rubbed roast chicken with crisp potatoes. This easy recipe from Mindy Fox's lovely A Bird in the Oven, and Then Some is one you'll return to again and again.


Farmer's Mac and Cheese
The... Read more >

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