The JBF Food Conference

The 2015 JBF Food Conference

The James Beard Foundation Food Conference


Now Trending: The Making of a Food Movement

October 17 & 18, 2016

Our world of 24-hour news cycles, instantaneous global communications, viral hashtags, and ambitious Wall Street growth targets has created a population ever hungry for something new. We are all susceptible to trends. Even urgent and important food issues wax and wane in the spotlight, competing for the attention of chefs, media, politicians, funders, businesses, and activists.

At the 2016 James Beard Foundation Food Conference, Now Trending: The Making of a Food Movement, we’ll engage with experts from across disciplines to explore the genesis and lifecycle of trends and apply that knowledge to food-system issues. We’ll draw on the experience of other trend-focused industries, such as technology, fashion, and design, to understand why some trends last and others fizzle.

Using food waste and other issues that are now trending, we’ll unpack the way interest and enthusiasm for a topic build to become a widespread concern, an impetus for behavior change, a business imperative, and ultimately a social movement--not necessarily in that order. We’ll explore lessons and best practices from the field of trend forecasting, before engaging with you on the food issues you care most about.

As always, the JBF Food Conference will convene a group of experts and professionals from a wide range of backgrounds—yourself included—to provided the expertise and encouragement you need to turn your passion into the next big thing.

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The 2015 JBF Leadership Awards

The JBF Leadership Awards coincide with the annual JBF Food Conference, taking place during the evening of the first day of the conference, in New York City.


The 2016 JBF Leadership Awards ceremony and dinner, co-hosted by Good Housekeeping, took place at the Hearst Tower on October 17. Our five honorees—visionaries responsible for creating a healthier, safer, and more sustainable food world—will also present at the JBF Food Conference.





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“The James Beard Foundation Food Conference was a catalyst for realizing the necessity to capitalize on intelligent, committed entrepreneurs in the food system by formally creating a venture fund to meet the growing needs of this good food sector.” 

—Jason Ingle, Founder, Closed Loop Capital and Greener Partners

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You can view footage from our 2014 Food Conference here.