Recipe Roundup: Super Bowl Spread

Alex Stupak's recipe from guacamole with pistachios, adpated by the James Beard Foundation


Regardless of which Harbaugh brother you'll be rooting for this Sunday, everyone can agree that half the fun of watching the Super Bowl is pigging out on the snacks. This year we're upping our game with pumped-up versions of crowd-pleasing classics.


Honey-Habanero Chicken Wings

Potent habanero peppers add an undercurrent of heat to the sweet and buttery sauce that accompanies these wings.


Guacamole with Pistachios

Pistachios add striking crunch to this addictive guacamole from chef Alex Stupak of the Empellón restaurants.


Cornmeal-Crusted Oysters with Sriracha Rémoulade... Read more >

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The Bookshelf: Jasmine and Fire

Salma Abdelnour


After fleeing a war-torn Lebanon during her childhood and starting a new life in the United States, food and travel writer Salma Abdelnour always dreamed of returning to her homeland. Her poignant book, Jasmine and Fire: A Bittersweet Year in Beirut, chronicles her complicated return to Lebanon and its vibrant food culture. We got in touch with her to learn about her go-to Lebanese restaurants here in New York City, her favorite cuisines around the globe, and what makes Beirut’s food culture so extraordinary.


(Join Salma tomorrow at noon for a special installment of our Beard on Books series at the Beard House.)


JBF: You wrote that when you returned to Beirut and had to come to grips with so many changes in your life, you found solace in Lebanon’s food culture. Can you tell us a bit more about that?


Salma Abdelnour:... Read more >

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Eat This Word: Strudel

The James Beard Foundation on strudel


WHAT? Conquerors' confection. Though the delicate filled pastry gained popularity in 18th-century Austria, strudel is most likely a distant cousin of Middle Eastern sweets like baklava: its signature, razor-thin sheets of dough were passed down from the Persians to the Byzantines to the Turks and finally to the Hungarians during the Turkish occupation.


Strudel dough, which is made from flour with a high-gluten content, is traditionally hand-stretched until it is so thin that, as chef David Bouley wrote in East of Paris, you can read a newspaper through it. Sweet strudel fillings like apple and sour cherry are most well-known, but the dish can also be made with savory stuffings like spinach or cabbage.


WHERE? Jeremy Nolen's Bold German Cuisine Dinner


WHEN? ... Read more >

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Awards Watch: Cecilia Chiang to Receive 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award


The James Beard Foundation will honor restaurateur and author Cecilia Chiang with its 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award. As the proprietor of San Francisco's famed Mandarin restaurant, which closed in 2006, Chiang introduced American diners to authentic Mandarin cuisine.


“The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes those who have truly revolutionized the way Americans think about food,” says JBF president Susan Ungaro. "Cecilia elevated Chinese cuisine far beyond the takeout box. She completely embodies the spirit of this award.”


The Mandarin enjoyed a loyal clientele, which included Jackie Onassis, Wolfgang Puck, and James Beard. Chiang has also penned two memoirs, The Mandarin Way and The Seventh Daughter.


Read the full press release.

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Ask a Chef: Chris Hastings, Where Should We Eat in Birmingham, Alabama?

Chris Hastings


When Chris Hastings isn't serving up his brand of refined farm-to-table cuisine at the acclaimed Hot and Hot Fish Club, the 2012 JBF Award winner can be found checking out his local dining scene. “Birmingham is a small city bursting at the seams with authentic, locally-owned restaurants,” he says. Here are a few of his favorite spots.


Late Night Dining

Cantina on Wheels

“Birmingham’s first and only authentic Mexican food truck also serves the best garlic cheese fries and rice and beans. They can be caught late night in the Lakeview area.”


Quintessential Alabama Cooking

Saw’s BBQ

“We love this place for quintessential Alabama barbecue. Lots of awesome go-to comfort food. They're known for their signature sauces, and my... Read more >

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