Test Your Eat-Q: Famous TV Foods

In honor of this year's James Beard Awards theme of "TV/Dinner," we've pulled together a series of stumpers about some of the most iconic food moments on the boob tube. Test your edible television know-how with our quiz below!




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Test Your Eat-Q: America’s Classics Signature Dishes


Match each America’s Classics winner with the beloved dish it's known for:


1. Persimmon Pudding

2. “Yellow-Legged” Fried Chicken

3. Cream of Nectar Snowball 

4. Lobster Roll

5. Mutton Chop

6. Bacon-Wrapped Pork Chop

7. Chicken Soup with Matzoh Balls 

8. Cold Borscht 

9. Creamed Chipped Beef 

10. White Clam Pizza 

11. Buffalo Wings 

12. Cincinnati Chili 

13. Pierogi

14. Indian Tacos 

15. Huevos Enfrijolados 

16. Pipikaula Short Ribs

17. Octopus Salad 

18. Pastrami Sandwich 

19. French Dip 

20. Hot Chicken


A) The Fry Bread House / Phoenix

B) Anchor Bar / Buffalo, NY

C) Philippe the Original / Los Angeles

D) Swan Oyster Depot / San Francisco

E) Keens Steakhouse / NYC

F) Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant / Los Angeles

G) Breitbach’s Country Dining /... Read more >

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Test Your Eat-Q: Traditional Host Etiquette

'Tis the season to entertain, so brush up on proper host etiquette with this quiz before you break out the eggnog and gingerbread.






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Test Your Eat-Q: The Future of Food and Farming

Strap on your jetpack and take a crack at this prognosticative quiz about the future of food and farming.




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Test Your Eat-Q: Food Waste

Reduce, reuse, and recycle your conservation knowledge with this food waste quiz!






We're focusing on solutions to fight food waste all month long! Get the full coverage here​​

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Test Your Eat-Q: Ice Cream Trivia

Take this quiz to find out if you're a sundae savant, or if you have brain freeze.




July is National Ice Cream Month! Get the pint-by-pint on all our content here.

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Test Your Eat-Q: James Beard Awards Trivia

Are you a Beard Awards pro? Test your medallion mastery with this quiz:

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Test Your Eat-Q: Legacy Purveyors

These family-run businesses have been shaping the local and national food landscape for decades. Test your knowledge of these long-running purveyors by matching the company with its best-known product!




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Test Your Eat-Q: Fad Diets

Fad diets are far from a recent trend. Test your knowledge of historic food dos and don'ts with the questions below!



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Test Your Eat-Q: Quirky Desserts


Can you tell a Grunt from a Slump? Test your pastry prowess by matching the proper description to these unusually named desserts.




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