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Recipe: Fish Soup with Vegetables

I love all kinds of Italian fish soups, having sampled countless versions of zuppa di pesce, served ...

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Recipe: Potato Frittata

Similar to the Spanish tortilla made with potatoes, this Italian version of an omelette can be made ...

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Recipe: Spinach Quiche

This basic quiche recipe can be varied according to your preferences and according to the season. In ...

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Recipe: Coconut-Curry Quinoa Salad with Sweet Pea Purée

Bobo Bergström served this light-tasting grain salad stuffed into roasted miniature aji dulce ...

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Recipe: Potato Gnocchi with Tomato Compote

Chef Alex Cao of New Jersey’s Blackbird Dining Establishment created a version of this savory, ...

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Recipe: Pizza Margherita

"This is the classic pizza topping from Naples, arguably the home of the best pizza on earth. ...

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Recipe: Sonny's Special Potato Latkes

"This recipe took me to the top of the latke world," wrote Mitchell Davis in his 2002 book ...

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Recipe: Sweet Potato Latkes

Because sweet potatoes do not brown after they are peeled, the latke mixture can be kept for about a ...

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